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Tea Road Learning Journeys: A Cross-Cultural Communication Cultural Heritage Project

I’m currently (June 2012) in Yunnan undertaking a special project sponsored by the Australia-China Council. The project is a cross-cultural communication and cultural heritage initiative that involves interaction via a dedicated website between schools in Western Australia (WA) and Yunnan. The schools in Yunnan are located along the Ancient Tea Horse Road (that’s the cultural heritage connection).

The dedicated website is: www.tearoadlearningjourneys.com

On the participating schools can follow my blogs and videos as I travel to points along the tea road, introducing the WA students to key features of tea culture and tea road heritage along the way. The students, in both WA and Yunnan, will also be putting up some videos and blogs introducing themselves and their own cultures to each other (the cross-cultural communication component).

In the coming weeks I will be posting some of the highlights onto this blog for general public viewing.